Guided Math in Action Summer Book Study: Chapters 2 and 3

Welcome back to my summer book study on Guided Math in Action! Sorry for the delay in this post. I've had a crazy few weeks with vacations getting extended and extra travel, but I finally got the time to sit down and write about these chapters. 

Chapter 2: Guided Math in a Numerate Environment discusses why Guided Math is important and how it works well with a workshop model as well as explains each part of the workshop model. There is a huge emphasis on no matter what format Guided Math is presented in, that the atmosphere should be filled with talking making mathematical sense. Teachers should have students ready to hear phrases like "Prove It" or "Show me what you know". 

Dr. Niki Newton describes the different parts and elements of a Math Workshop and how Guided Math fits into this format. Personally this is the format I use for Math in my classroom.  She explains that a home base is needed in the math workshop. It is a dedicated space in the room where mathematical supports are in place, many tools are available and all thinking is recorded. It is also where the whole group mini lesson typically takes place. 

The graphic I created shows the different parts of the Math Workshop model and how long each part should last. The Guided Math portion happens at the same time as Centers and can have between 1 and 3 rotations where each rotation runs 12-15 minutes. 

Chapter 3: Managing the Math Workshop focuses on how to successfully run Guided Math and the Math Workshop model. Dr. Newton has a huge emphasis on how important it is to spend the first week of school establishing the rules, consequences and rewards that will be in place for the rest of the year. Creating Anchor Charts that display rules, expectations and consequences for Math Workshop time are a great way to discuss and record thoughts the first week on how you expect them to work during the Math block. It is also important to have the schedule and rotation order posted as well whether it be a poster, bulletin board or something projected to a smart board. 

The second half of the chapter shows emphasis on how each place that Math Workshop happens in the classroom should be fully stocked and ready for the center or guided math lesson that will be happening there! The big key to guided math is a having a good start with it at the beginning of the year. Students need a lot of practice to have Guided Math be extremely effective for them and always need to have clear guidelines of what is expected of them. 

For these chapters, I created a freebie with Guided Math Prompts. These can be displayed in your room to remind students of what they should be thinking about during math or can be used as cue cards at a guided math table. The uses are essentially endless for these! You find the freebie in my TPT store with the following link: Guided Math in Action Chapters 2 and 3 Freebies.

Check back here on Wednesday for Chapters 4 and 5. 

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