Spiral Review Weekly Homework--Why I Use It

So when I started teaching third grade this January, one of the first things I noticed was how my students were not able to recall how to use skills they had learned earlier in the year in both Language Arts and Math. We started to get into test prep season and I found myself reteaching every basic skill that they had been taught in previous grades or even just at the beginning of the year! I sat down and thought about what I could do to help my students this year, to keep the skills we are learning fresh in their minds! The thought came to me that I could use my math warmup time to do daily spiral review questions. And that is how this whole line of products started to come to be. This year, I used powerpoints with 4 questions a day. This worked really well and after about only two weeks of doing this with my students, they were starting to remember and easily recall the skills they had previously learned! 

I started to then plan ahead of what I could do better in terms of keeping skills fresh for my students in the next school year, and it dawned on me! I could incorporate spiral review as a small portion of my students homework! This product line has been in the works since around March and the first set is officially released and ready! My students struggled in remembering important skills in both Language Arts and Math, so I knew I wanted them to review both subjects daily! I came up with the concept that I wanted to keep it short, so each day Monday-Thursday the students will have 4 Language Arts and 4 Math Spiral Review questions to complete. The sheets will build on each other, so skills will be added as the students learn each one. 

I have just published the first installments in this line in my store! I have a few different packaging options for these products. The homework is split up in months. Since many schools start at the end of August, I made the first packs August/September packs so they include 5 weeks of homework. Every other month, each pack will include homework for 4 weeks. 

If you would like to preview what comes in these homework sets, you can download two weeks of homework at the following links:

Each individual  Language Arts and Math Weekly Homework Pack (each month) will be available in my store for $4.00 each. I will also be putting together a few bundles as well. I currently have a bundle already posted in my store that is a Year Long bundle for both Language Arts and Math. It is a growing bundle, so the price will rise every time that I add new products to the bundle. This bundle is 20% off the list price of the individual homework sets. I will also be adding Year Long Language Arts and Math Individual Bundles as well. These will be posted once the October sets are completed. You can find these products at the links below:

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