How I Use Classroom Jobs in My Classroom

I've recently had a few people ask me how I have implemented Classroom Jobs in my classroom, so I decided to write a post about how I use them and what each job entails duty wise. 

This is what the classroom jobs board looks like in my classroom. The job titles were created by Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations and can be found her store here. Each student has an owl with their name on it. Everything on my jobs board is magnetic. 

Every week I change my students job by moving the magnet with their name to a new job. I have enough jobs so every student has a job each week. I have 22 different jobs, with one being done by two people since I have 23 students in my classroom. I try to make sure that the students get to try out almost every single job, but there are a few jobs not every student can do because they need to be extra responsible and trust-worthy to do them!

If the students complete their job satisfactorily during the week, they get paid 3 gems on Friday. (Gems are part of classroom reward system and I will have a post about how I run that later on). 

Now for the list of classroom jobs I have and the descriptions for each of them. 

Scrap Monster: This person is in charge of passing out baskets to put scraps in and monitoring them when we do interactive notebooks or craft activities. When they see that a basket is full they are supposed to get up and empty it for that table and return it. I created this job after I saw how chaotic it got during interactive notebook time with everyone trying to get up and throw their scraps away at the same time. 

Desk Inspector: This job inspects students desks on Tuesday, Thursdays and after desk clean-out on Fridays to see if each student is keeping their desk the way they are supposed to do or if they need to work on it. If it is not cleaned out or set up correctly, the student will leave a slip letting the owner of the desk know that they need to clean out their desk before they can recess the next day. 

Homework Sheriff: The Homework Sheriff walks around the room each morning that homework is due with the Homework Checker. The Homework Sheriff is in charge of collecting students homework and writing down the names of the students who are missing a homework assignment. 

Librarian: The Librarian is in charge of keeping the classroom library organized. They make sure the books are in the leveled letter baskets that they belong to. They are also responsible for taking the students library cards with them to the library on the days that we have library. 

Paper Passers: The paper passers are in charge of passing out any papers during the day that I ask them to pass out. 

Clean Up Cop: The Clean Up Cop is in charge of cleaning up the classroom at the end of the day by picking up any trash that they see and sweeping up the classroom. They are allowed to pick a different friend to help them each day. 

Substitute: The Substitute fills in for any job when that student is not in the classroom when they are needed or a student is absent. Some days they may have multiple jobs if their are multiple students out. 

Homework Passer: The Homework Passer is in charge of passing out homework at the end of the day. If we have more then one homework assignment, they are allowed to pick a friend to help them pass out homework. 

Pencil Sharpener Captain: The Pencil Sharpener Captain is in charge of sharping the spare pencils at the beginning and end of each day. 

Girls and Boys Bathroom Monitors: These students stand at the door of each bathroom during our bathroom breaks and watch for any students misbehaving and let students know when they are allowed to go into the bathroom.  

Line Leader: This student gets to be the first to line up every day. 

Teacher's Assistant: The Teacher's Assistant is in charge of taking the lunch count each day and delivering it to the lunch room. They also are responsible for writing down the bus order at the end of the day. I also will ask them to run errands or other small tasks throughout the day. 

Board Cleaner: The Board Cleaner is responsible for cleaning off all of the boards each day. 

Door Holder: This student is in charge of holding the door when we go out to recess and to lunch. They also get to line up second in line all week. 

Homework Checker: This student walks around the room with the Homework Sheriff when homework is due and checks to see if the student has completed their homework. If the student has the Homework Checker will put a star for that day on the students homework sheet. 

Electrician: The Electrician is responsible for turning the computers on and logging them in each day as well as turning on and off the lights in the classroom. They also serve as the Caboose when we line up. 

Directions Director: The Directions Director is one of the jobs that I only let my super responsible students do. The Directions Director is responsible for listening to all directions given during the day and helping any students who did not listen to directions and do not know what to do when I am working with other students. 

Mail Carrier: This student is responsible for loading the mailboxes with any papers I place in the mail basket by the end of each school day. If their are lots of papers that need loaded they may select a friend to help them with their job. 

Sanitizer Captain: This student is responsible for taking the Hand Sanitizer to the bathroom, lunch and recess and giving it to any students that need it when we are out of the classroom. 

So, those are all of my classroom jobs! Be on the lookout for more posts from me about other elements of my classroom in the future!

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