Five for Friday (On a Saturday)

Here we are again at the end of another week! We are yet another week closer to the end of the school year! We have just 19 more instructional days left at my school and I can't believe the time has gone by so quickly since I started in my classroom in January. I have loved every minute of it, but am looking forward to a break this summer, before I start my first full year in the classroom! This summer will be dedicated to my two small businesses: My TPT business and my new Jamberry business. I can't wait to put a ton of work into the both of them!

This week I am linking up as always with Doodle Bugs Teaching for their weekly Five for Friday Linky Party! I meant to post this last night, but I came home with a crazy headache yesterday and by the time I got up from a nap and took care of some Jamberry business that needed done, I was exhausted again and just decided to call it a night and head to bed. So here goes: five things that happened in my classrooms, personal life and business life this week!

This week we got the first of our two SOL tests for third grade over with! I am very proud of my students for working so hard to prepare for both of these tests! After taking our reading test on Monday and Tuesday, we spent the rest of the week reviewing for our Math SOL coming up next week! I tried to find as many fun ways to review as a I could so I could keep the students engaged and learning through the boring review process. One of the ways I did this was to bring out some of my scoots to practice some basic skills, that students may have forgotten or still struggle with! All of my current Math Scoots can be found in a bundle at my store here. This is a growing bundle so once you purchase it, you will receive all future updates from it for free!

This week my students recived academic and behavior awards from the 3rd quarter! The first picture is the students who received quality student awards and the second picture features my students who received the Principals List (All A's) and the A/B Honor Roll (Two of the honor roll students were absent the day the picture was taken). I am so proud of everything that all of my students accomplish each and everyday!

I have been on the search recently to find the perfect planner for me at an affordable price and this week my search has finally ended! I was shopping at Target one night after dinner at Panera (whoever thought those two in the same parking lot was good idea must be a genius) and they had just put out all of their new planners! I purchased the Day Designer Planner. It has everything that I need to have a successful and organized year for my teacher life, personal life, TPT Life and Jamberry Life. The only bad part is that it doesn't start until July and I can't wait to start using it. 

This week I made an investment in my two small businesses and purchased a Shot Box on Amazon to  create some images of new products for Creative Teacher Resources and Jamberry. I can't wait for it arrive! I am very excited to start using it!

I have some very exciting launch news for both of my businesses!

My online Launch Party for my Jamberry business is starting tomorrow! I would love for all of my readers to attend and learn about all of the amazing products that Jamberry has to offer! We will be playing fun games throughout the week, having giveaways and there will be freebies! Join in on the fun here.

I am also still looking for some more hostesses for Jamberry Parties online. Hosting a party is so easy, you get awesome gifts from me, you can wear whatever you want and the rewards are fabulous. Shoot me an email or leave a comment if you would be interested in hosting a party!

The second exciting bit of launch news that I have is for my upcoming official blog launch! My blog launch is set for the week of June 6th! It will be a fun week full of blog posts, freebies and a huge giveaway I have put a lot of work into planning. The week will end with an awesome kick-off to my summer book study. We will be reading Guided Math in Action: Building Each Student's Mathematical Proficiency with Small-Group Instruction if you want to get a head start and purchase the book ahead of time! It's a great read and for sale at an awesome price on Amazon. If you use the link above, I will also get a small commission for referring you to the book!


  1. Hmm...that Shot Box is giving me some ideas! Good luck this summer working on your businesses! I'm excited to spend some time working on my TPT store, too.

  2. I really love your "5 for Friday" blog idea! You are very dedicated to be able to do this weekly. Plus, you must be very organized to remember to take pictures during the week in preparation for this. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and best wishes for a restful summer!

  3. Fun read! I have to laugh...I just purchased the same lighting box and Guided Math book! I have yet to open either... good luck and congrats on completing your exciting school year (soon)! Jen

  4. Love the pictures of your students!

  5. Loved this post! Made me smile!

  6. We have a Panera and Target in the same parking lot too! It's so dangerous, lol. I've been debating on a light box too. Let us know how you like it!

  7. Cute Blog!! I need a lightbox too. Maybe this summer.


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