Five for Friday ~May 6th 2016

I am linking up again this week with Doodle Bugs Teaching for their weekly Five for Friday Linkup Party. 

I can't believe that another week has come and gone already! It feels like we just started this week and now it is already almost over. As the year is winding down, I am coming up with so many great product and resource ideas to work on this summer, that I can't even keep them all straight right now!

This week in my classroom has been pretty boring though since we are in full test prep mode right now, but I will try and make this as interesting as possible! I have some fun announcements to use as my some of 5 Things at least!

Before I start, what does everyone think of the button/icon I created for my brand?

We started working with 3-D Measurement this week in my classroom and to help my students visualize the comparisons and how the units build on each other, I had each of them construct a gallon bot. The students loved building the bots and then adding their own personal touches to them!

One of the skills my students have beens struggling with still was contractions! So to get them some more practice before our SOL's we took some time to do a Contractions Scoot! It was a hit. My students really love scoots and I love letting them do them because it gets them up and moving around! This scoot is in my store and is on SALE until Sunday. You can find it here. (I promise it looks way better when printed in color. My printer ran out of ink when I went to go print it). This scoot helps both with creating contractions and identifying the two words in a contraction. 

My first Donor's Choose Project went live this week. My project is to raise money to get a classroom set of Kindle Fire Tablets for my classroom. I have so many ideas of things I want to do with my students, but can't because of the limited technology so I would love for my students to each have a tablet to use while in the classroom. I also would just love for them to have more opportunities to read on a screen, since we do take their state tests on the computers, but generally take weekly tests by paper/pencil. Please check out my project here.

So recently I've been posting a lot about a Jamberry party that I have been hosting through my college roommate! Well the reason I was hosting this party was to earn credit towards my own consultant kit! That's right I am starting my own Jamberry business in addition to my TPT business. I should have everything up and running in a few weeks to host my own launch party! Stay tuned. If your interested in hosting a party, let me know! In a few weeks Ill be ready to start with online party sign ups!

I have been working on a major task this past week that I am ready to share! I am currently working on my official blog launch! The official launch will happen June 6th-10th and I am hoping it will be awesome! There will be great freebies, sales, new products and hopefully an awesome giveaway. I am in the process of putting together a giveaway as I look for product donations for it! At the end of the blog launch will also be the start of my summer book study where we will be reading Guided Math in Action: Building Each Student's Mathematical Proficiency with Small-Group Instruction. If you want to have the book ahead of time, use the link to purchase it and I will receive a small earning from posting it! Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter for exclusive freebies and to stay updated on everything going on with Creative Teacher Resources

Finally don't forget that my entire store will remain on sale through Sunday! 

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