New Product and New Updates!

First off, I am so sorry for not keeping up with my blog the last two months! Starting in my first classroom has been a huge undertaking, but now I am finally feeling pretty settled and ready to return to my blogging and Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

I am loving my new job. My 3rd Graders are amazing and I love getting to know them more everyday. They are making great progress academically and I love seeing the little achievements in the classroom everyday. We are less then two months away from our SOL testing and there is still lots of work to do, but hopefully we can continue to make all the learning and reviewing fun, so they don't get frustrated or stressed about test prep.

I've also updated the blog's look! I went out and purchased a new template to give my blog a more "me" look. My theme in my classroom is owls and I just adore them in general, so hopefully you all like the theme that I chose! I have done this as part of my taking a step in the right direction for my online teacher business with my teachers pay teachers store as I start to bring my focus back to it with new products and ideas!

Finally, I have a new product for you all right now. My students just recently finished up a unit where we studied Data and Probability. As a fun test review, I created a scoot reviewing the skills and concepts that were included in our unit. This scoot is a mix of of creating graphs, reading graphs and determining probability based on information given. This was a big hit in my classroom and was extremely useful in determining if my students were truly prepared to take their unit test.

This product can be found in my store here. It is normally $5.00, but for the first 48 hours it will be $2.50, which is a great deal at 50% off. 

I am continuing to work on some new products and resources for my store, so stay tuned. I am also starting to plan a few book studies for later this spring or early this summer. I am really excited about the books I am choosing for professional development reading this summer and I hope you will read and study along with me!

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