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Hello, so as you can tell I am a student teacher who is ready to take on the world teaching and now blogging. I love to create my own curriculum tools to implement into the classroom, and then share them with others. It has taken me some time to figure out how to set this blog up but now I have and am ready to roll with it. I have a store at both and teachers, which you can find on the side of my blog.

I have always been a fan of other teacher blogs and am so excited to now have one of my own. This first post is just going to highlight some of my favorite products I have so far in my store, that I think are really great.

The first item is a social studies project that I created to make a states book. I did this project with my third grade students and they absolutely loved it. They thought it was so cool that they got a state to call their own and got to research and find out so much information about it. This packet in my store includes everything you will need to create this awesome project other then the craft supplies and a laptop! I let each student choose a state name out of a basket. We had almost every state covered since I taught a morning group and afternoon group with 22 students each.  I originally had a week planned for this project, but because of all the work and interest the students were showing, we took a second week to make this project just right. When they all finished their projects, we spent a little bit of time each day before starting social studies to let students present their work to the class. I gave about ten minutes each day and five students went at a time.

Since I am located in PA, I used PA as my example the whole time and then did not let the students pick that state since I wanted them to learn about a place they did not live.

The finished product was great.

The projects in the middle are the state books. Here is a link to the product in my Teachers Pay Teachers  store and my Teachers Notebook shop for 10 dollars in both stores. The packet is 31 pages long and includes links to websites I have used to research the states, a note taking page, all the pages needed to create the book and a link to a site to grab free coloring sheets to include the state flag, state map, and state seal. Also included in the pack is a list of all 50 states that can be cut up and placed in a basket for your students to pick as well as a name plate for each state and an empty sheet of name plates that you can add your students names to. 

The other item I would like to highlight in my store currently is the start of my word wall packets. Currently I have published to both of my stores the Kindergarten and  1st Grade Packs. These packs contain the High Frequency Words for each grade level. The number of words vary based on the grade level. The theme for this version is pink and purple polka dot borders. All the packs come with a word card for each word, a blank set of word cards so you can add more words if needed and list of all the words that are included in the pack. Here is what they look like:

 Here is an example of what the word cards look like:

 Here are the lists of words for kindergarten and 1st grade:

The Kindergarten set has 50 words and the 1st grade set has 105 words. I am currently working on sets for 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade and hope that I will have them done in the next week. I will have a post about them when they are done. I will also be putting all of the packs together in a bundle at a discounted price if you would like to buy all grade levels together.

Here is a link to the Kindergarten Words in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and my Teachers Notebook store. The Kindergarten packet is 3 dollars. 

Here are the links to the 1st Grade Words in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and my Teachers Notebook store. The 1st Grade pack is 5 dollars. This will be the price for the other 3 grade levels as well. In addition the 1st Grade pack is currently on a giveaway in my Teachers Notebook store. It will be open until November 9th and then 3 winners will be chosen. After the giveaway ends I will put the pack on sale for a few days. The giveaway can be found here

Finally I am hosting a pinning party on Teachers Notebook in a few weeks and I will provide more information on that during my next post. 

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  1. What an awesome project, and a great idea to include the links you used! I am a PA girl too! Thanks for sharing. :)


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