All I Want......For Black Friday

So how is everyone's Thanksgiving breaks going? I don't start break till Wednesday at the school I am currently student teaching at, but in return we also get the Monday after off. I am looking forward to just having a few days to relax, work on products, my portfolio and read some of the instruction books I recently bought. I have almost finished reading The Daily 5 and I love it so far. I'll be writing a post about what I learned once I am finished with it.

Today I am linking up with The Primary Pack for an awesome Black Friday linky. I love Black Friday shopping and I go with my mom every year. This year I am really looking forward to starting to shop for classroom resources and materials for a classroom that I will hopefully have next year (fingers crossed as I start to put applications into different schools as I see jobs posted). The past few years one of my favorite parts of Black Friday has been working in retail at Bath and Body Works and I am kind of sad that I will not be working this year for it.

This is more of a Christmas Wishlist for me. I spend most of my Black Friday getting my Christmas shopping done for my family. I am kind of a nerd when it comes to reading education books, so I am mainly wishing for some more of those this year as well as Nicholas Sparks new book See Me. The big gift I'm asking for (and already know I am getting) is an iPhone 6. My current iPhone 5c is starting slow down and not hold a charge as long as it used to, so I am really looking forward to getting a new one.

These are some of the things that I have found over the last few months on TPT and am hoping to be able to purchase in the next few months. They all look like amazing resources and I would love to be able to use any of them in my future classroom. I'll provide the links below to them, so if they aren't already on your wishlist, you can add them on!

I chose 4 of my favorite items from my store for you to check out for your Black Friday Wishlist.

The Primary Pack is also having a huge giveaway featuring tons of items that have been wish listed from their stores. Go check it out if you want to enter. You can also link up your Black Friday Wishlist over there!


  1. I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks for joining in on our Black Friday Linky! Your wishlists look awesome! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving friend, Cara Taylor from Primary Pack (Creative Playground)


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